A creator-first rights management provider


Content pirates are vicious. They are taking content of all types for their own commercial use. SuperBam brings justice to the world by giving the power back to content creators like you with tools to find, control, and monetize your work.


SuperBam helps you control your content across YouTube

(and more platforms to come this year)


digital rights management

Monetizing pirated copies of your work for you. Some extra cheddah so you can make cool things!

No long-term contracts

LTRs are tough. We don’t like them either. You do you. 

Multi-Platform Compatible

Yep - we can find your work on multiple platforms.


no channel linking

We’re not a MCN. You keep all your hard earned dollars and control of your channel.

Trusted By The Big Boys

YouTube & more coming soon. 

No Fees for Basic Services

Free money? Neat!


Ready for your own personal superpower?

Contact us - wefightforyourrights@superbam.COM.